Hedoinistic America

Hedoinistic America

Traveling you meet a lot of people. You hear many perspectives on America. One such comment that struck me was how America is a place where a person could really indulge in any interest to the extreme. For example, if your hobby was airplanes, the sky’s the limit. Cycling, you have access to all terrain and all the gear. Food, well our obesity rate speaks for us.

The point is, America has such a consumer culture unlike any other part of the world that we have access to any material, or knowledge needed to pursue our wildest interests, or career dreams. Your desires are your focus. Satisfaction focuses on You.

Is there a drawback? Perhaps. Only if you think individualism is bad. And if you don’t bother to weigh individualism against the value the community at large. Such a delicate balance doesn’t seem to have been struck in America. “Lucky us” or “Lucky me”?

Our friends from the States enjoying the dunes at Swakopmund.

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